About Me

Hi! I’m Kate. I’m currently a doctoral candidate in Systematic Theology at Boston College. I have a BA in political science and theology from Fordham University and a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. I have been an avid runner for about 13 years. I ran cross country in high school, did a lot of charity races in college, and then started training for longer distances shortly after I finished my comprehensive exams back in 2015. Since then, I’ve completed a number of half marathons and two marathons, at which I qualified for the 2018 Boston Marathon. While training, I also have been teaching, publishing, and working on my dissertation, entitled“No Salvation Apart from Religious Others: Edward Schillebeeckx’s Soteriology as a Resource for Understanding Christian Identity and Discipleship in a Religiously Pluralist World.” I started this blog to talk about my combined love of running and theology, since I truly believe that both of these loves nourish each other.

I am originally from Nutley, NJ, where my parents live with our wonderful dog, Iggy, which is short for Ignatius (Jesuit education, what can I say?). At the moment, I live in Brighton, MA. I am engaged to my best friend, who is an avid weight-lifter and runner, and a current doctoral candidate in Applied Physics at Harvard University. We are getting married in August 2018.

List of Personal Records:

5k: 21:05 (2009)

Half-Marathon: 1:37:37 (2017)

Marathon: 3:30:32 (2017)

Non-Exhaustive List of Recent Shorter Distance Races

Play Brigade 5k (2017): 21:23

Somerville Homeless Coalition 5k (2017): 22:21

Brighton Bangers 5k (2017): 21:41

Brighton Bangers 5K (2016): 21:13

BC Race to Educate (2015): 22:19

Half-Marathons Completed

Colt State Park Half-Marathon (2017): 1:37:32

Boston’s Run to Remember (2016): 1:43:43

BAA Half Marathon (2016): 1:43:24

Fools Dual Half Marathon (2017): 1:43:20

Marathons Completed

Loco Marathon (2016): 3:33:27

Martha’s Vineyard Marathon (2017): 3:30:32

If anyone wants to suggest a race to me, contact me and let me know. I am always happy to talk to new runners and put on my running shoes for a good cause. Even if I cannot run it, I am happy to help advertise it.


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